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Location: Kakkanad, Kochi.
Square feet: 268900
Category: Architecture
Sub Category: Residential
Status: Ongoing

2,68,900 Sq.ft. 96 apartments on a totally flexible architectural format where each client can customize their apartments. A sloping property in hilly Kakkanad terrain, it is very strategically located in the highest growth locality in Cochin. Our client wanted something unusual, and not just another block of apartments. We therefore came up with the unique idea of having apartments that can be tailor-made to every buyers individual needs. We have a mix of 3 sizes of apartments. The ground floor has very small 600 sft. studio / single bedroom units; the 1st to 4th floors have single level 1100 sft. apartments, and the 5th to 12th has duplex apartments. And all internal layouts are individually configurable. The roofs of all the blocks are covered by a continuous array of solar panels. Cost of project: Rs. 48 crore Status: Conceptual stage