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Residence at ECR, Chennai

Location: Uthandi, Chennai
Site area: 2230 sqm.
Square feet: 10000
Built area: 930 sqm.
Category: Architecture
Sub Category: Residential
Status: Ongoing

This is the first net-zero residence we are going to be attempting, thanks in no small measure to the clients being completely invested in this philosophy. It will be state of the art with energy control systems, 100% solar energy, sewage, and water recycling to reusable purity ( except not for drinking ), garbage treatment, such that we take them home as close as possible to self-sustainability. The 10000 sqft. home is built to be completely interactive with nature, both inside and out; as all the spaces open out to the green spaces around the house on the outside, and on the other, into a 6m wide and 7m high indoor garden that runs right through the length of the building. We believe that proximity to plants and water is essential to human health and well-being.