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Commercial Building for Syed Ameese Sadath

Location: Bengaluru, India
Site area: 223 sqm.
Built area: 785 sqm.
Category: Architecture
Sub Category: Commercial
Status: Ongoing

Our client, an IT professional, wanted a commercial building in a small, standard 40ft. x 60ft. Bangalore plot. With not much variation possible in the functionality of the floors as they were to be just open floor plates, his mandate to us was that it should maximize floor space, look unusual, and it should be fast to build. We therefore opted for a steel building. In keeping with our Biophilic principles, we opted for the use of just 3 basic materials ( apart from the structural steel ): glass to maximize the ingress of light, plants outside all glass to provide both privacy from the neighbors and the visual of nature for all its occupants, and terracotta blocks wherever there are walls. The terrace is to be an exclusive open air restaurant, which will have a roof cover of solar panels.