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Plotted Villas for Paul Alukkas Developers

Location: Thrissur, India
Unit: 30
Site area: 2.5 acre
Built area: 8500
Category: Architecture
Sub Category: Residential
Status: Ongoing

The property in which the client had already built the roads and done the plotting. We were allowed to make only minor changes to the site plan. There were two main sizes of plots along with a couple of odd sized plots we had to deal with. Vaastu was also a consideration. In keeping with our desire to maximize the number of options available to the customers we ended up with different building options. In a housing development such as this, the priority is the functional optimization of the plans. We had both 2 floor and 3 floor solutions, with the 3 floor units having the option of elevators. Parking is often overlooked in typical urban housing developments but we made it a priority with all units having space for either 2 or 3 car spots, which would allow for visitor parking as well. The aesthetics grew naturally from our use of large glass surfaces and overhangs, and we worked to develop a common language that permeates every unit type while allowing for interesting volumetric variety. Every house is designed to have solar panels and state of the art waste bio-digesters in keeping with our principles of being as environmentally responsible as possible.