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Biophilic Row Housing

Location: Bangalore, India
Category: Architecture
Sub Category: Residential
Status: Ongoing

This row housing design illustrates most of the architectural philosophies we propagate, namely: Flexibility: We believe that housing should never be just a series of identical, repetitive units. Every clients family has unique and different needs. And, it is also a fact that most of us do want the ability to customize our belongings, to feel that we are "different". Most of all with our homes. Our design solution provide clients with more than 90 variations they can choose from. Biophilic design: Biophilia describes man's innate connectedness to nature, one that has developed over millennia. Human beings are happiest and healthiest in the presence of natural light, water bodies, and plants. We therefore design these elements into our buildings to be an integral and fundamental part of our living spaces. This will be carried further to also incorporate other beneficial sensory stimuli that involve the senses of touch, sound and smell. Net-Zero sustainability: Biophilia caters to the individuals health and well being. Sustainable design looks at the health of the planet, which in turn has grave implications on humanity. The design will generate 100% of its power from solar, all waste will be recycled or digested, and all water recycled. As important as the individual units, is the design for the community, and one of the main features we have devised is to make the street a tree lined "space for people" with limited access for vehicles. Successful housing solutions invariably have interactive community spaces at its heart and this is a cost effective way of doing so. This housing solution has also been design to be visually unusual and varied. It has a modular pattern, and yet every unit is different; thereby introducing the majesty of repetition while avoiding the boredom and sterility of uniformity.