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Cliff House,Pallikara

Location: Pallikara, Kochi
Site area: 1.25 Acres
Square feet: 15000
Category: Architecture
Sub Category: Residential
Status: Ongoing

This house is for a young family that had a clear vision of what they wanted. And they wanted the unusual. An amazing site that sits atop a 40 ft. high cliff that overlooks a vast valley of trees....the site and the view had to be leveraged to its fullest. They wanted a house where all the important living spaces were on the first floor and where the first floor was cantilevered and floating above the ground. We came up with a very open "porous" design where the living spaces have open views to both sides. They are both nature lovers and we were therefore allowed to bring in lots of plants and water pools on all levels, both inside and outside the house. As we are committed to solar energy, we managed to use a large quantity of solar panels.....which became an important and integral part of the design aesthetic. We have interwoven the clean lines and large glass openings with a profusion of wood -- both in the floors and within the structures of the skylights and vertical fins that help define the various sections of the home, and with large door and wall panels such that the predominant feel is that warm interplay of wood, water and plants. This house is a great example of biophilic design.